Maintaining the elusive work-life balance with SRIAS Life Spaces - Srias

Maintaining the elusive work-life balance with SRIAS Life Spaces

Maintaining the elusive work-life balance with SRIAS Life Spaces

Maintaining the elusive work-life balance with SRIAS Life Spaces

As a corporate honcho or an entrepreneur solving an important problem, odds are that the one thing that you are struggling with, yourself, is maintaining work-life balance. With the ever increasing demands of work & the stress that it brings in its wake, there are enough & more health issues that people are contending with.

The good news is that people have understood the importance of downtime for one’s overall wellbeing and the fact that being busy isn’t a “badge of honour” that it has so far been touted to be. Research has found that taking breaks can improve your mood, boost performance & increase your concentration ability.

However, let us face it, the only quality time one gets for one self is on those yearly vacations and even there the need to remain connected with work, is pressing. Little surprise then that Deloitte’s external marketplace survey of 1,000 full-time US professionals indicated that 77% of respondents experienced employee burnout at their current job, with more than half citing more than one occurrence. As many as 91% of respondents confirmed that having an unmanageable amount of stress negatively impacts the quality of their work, while 83% of respondents mentioned that burnout from work can negatively impact their personal relationships.

SRIAS Life Spaces –meeting your evolving needs

At SRIAS Life Spaces we are fully committed to developing & redefining living spaces that do justice to evolving lifestyles.
According to a study, spending 20 to 30 minutes immersed in a natural setting was associated with the biggest drop in cortisol levels or what is popularly referred to as, stress hormones. For one, most of our projects enable you to witness the gentle rhythms of nature unfold. At The Boat Club, Water Front Villas, for instance, which is anchored by the serene Medchal Lake, you get to witness untouched natural beauty. While you may have had the opportunity to see those twinkling stars when you last took a vacation, at The Boat Club, stargazing can be a daily affair as you look at the sky above from its terrace infinity pool. The merits of meditation cannot be overstated; among other things it helps create ripples of happiness & peace within you. When you take to meditation from a Lakeside Meditation Court at The Boat Club, you are sure to court happiness! An outdoor lakeside gym similarly keeps you physically fit & mentally agile.

The big advantage with these homes is their connectivity to the bustling city. You can therefore drive to your corner office to crack that important deal and yet be in a picture perfect location when you head back home. Gone, therefore, are the times when you would need to clear your calendar to be able to take that well-deserved vacation. What you have now is the peace & quiet and a strong connection with nature, every single day!
Here’s to living life at your own terms!

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