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Living Amidst Nature- A Growing Movement

Living Amidst Nature- A Growing Movement
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Living Amidst Nature- A Growing Movement

Speak to urban dwellers about their tryst with nature and most of them have to strain their memory. Some may recall that walk in the park many months ago that they found very refreshing, while others may recount their last family vacation where they got to spend time amidst nature, beating the stress of daily life.

It is ironic that while we relish our experiences with nature, we hardly get to experience it. Most of our day is spent in closed spaces, be it an office, home or even a recreation center that is confined to the four walls. This, despite the fact that enough & more research has shown how exposure to nature positively impacts our physical as well as psychological health. In fact some of the many advantages of living amidst nature include:

  • It improves your physical health, as you do not need to deal with alarming levels of pollution. Spending time in natural sunlight helps the body with the Vitamin D that plays a role in bone growth and healing.
  • A study showed how nature helped people heal faster after a spinal surgery. Research studies have shown that it also helps strengthen your immune system
  • Living amongst nature is nothing short of therapy as it keeps stress levels at bay & improves mental health.
  • It improves concentration levels as you unwind from the overstimulation brought on by modern lives.
  • It adds to the feeling of joie-de-vivre & overall happiness.

Nature-Seeking Home Buyers

These are the exact reasons why living spaces that have a strong connection with nature are piquing the interest of homebuyers. In fact, post Covid-19, homeowners are reportedly taking greater steps to promote their health thereby creating an emphasis on nature, fitness & sustainability.

Forward-looking developers are offering open spaces as one of the core amenities and not just a nice-to-have feature. The preference is clearly towards development that offers holistic living with enough & more open spaces. The fact that some of these oases of calm are being developed not too far away from bustling cities, means that you have the convenience of driving to your corner office to close that important deal & yet driving back in time for some breath-taking views.

At The Boat Club, for instance, 190 villas spread over 25 acres play home to a life that is the perfect blend of quiet serenity & high living. Anchored by the serene Medchal lake, in Hyderabad, this 25 acres of sheer heaven is green, serene and open to the sky. You could be stargazing from the terrace infinity pool, courting inner joy from the lakeside meditation court or flexing your muscles at the outdoor lakeside gym. The expansive walkways, beautifully landscaped gardens and more make the connection with nature that much stronger.

To Sum Up

With some research, odds are that you could be living in a place that feels like it is right out of a travel magazine, while you are not on a vacation. In fact, such homes stand testimony to a lifestyle where people do not want to build a life that they want a vacation from. Instead when you live amidst verdant nature, life can feel like one long vacation!

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